Liven up your dinner tables and banquets with this vegetarian & vegan caviar made from seaweed extract. Dairy and gluten free, it is ideal for catering and retail.


If you're in the food service / gastronomy sector, create the perfect dining experience. Ideal for wedding canapés, champagne receptions, using on sliders, starters, cheese boards, tasting menus, afternoon tea additions and sushi, incorporate this novel product into your à la carte, specials and seasonal menus. With its delicate flavour and texture, it is perfect to suit all palates and with our catering packs, value for money is guaranteed. One can use our product liberally even when budgets are restricted. With a strict production process, we create the perfect sized edible pearls that look amazingly appealing.


To add a new dimension to your dinner table at home, use Vegetarian Caviar.  Be the craftsman of your own mouthwatering masterpiece and give your food a caviar touch.  Create a culinary revolution in your own kitchen.


The Vegetarian Caviar Club - Purveyors of fine vegetarian & vegan caviar

100% Dairy free

100% Vegan

100% Vegetarian

No animal-derived products

Kosher, Parve

Natural colours

Sustainable & Ethical

Environmentally friendly

Does not contain gluten

GMO free

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